26th Annual ASC Talent Show AUDITIONS

REGISTRATION FORMhttp://tinyurl.com/or7qxkc

Auditions will be held at the Ethnic Cultural Theater on January 24th from 1-7PM. At the end of the form there will be a time slot for you to choose your audition time.

ASC TALENT SHOW: Friday, February 21st at 7PM

PRIZE: $500 for the RSO sponsoring you that must be used before July 2014


  • Keep your performance under 10 minutes, suggested is 8 or under
  • An affiliated ASC organization must sponsor you: http://asc.asuw.org/asc-constituents/
  • As many auditions per organization is possible to increase chances of being in the show, max of two per org will be selected to be part of the show
  • MCs must still audition, please prepare a quick 5-8 minute introduction of how you would introduce ASC talent show

QUESTIONS? Contact ASC Director, Tony Vo at asuwasc@uw.edu

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